Florida Blackberries

Cultivated blueberries in Florida are receiving their annual abundance of attention. This delicious summer fruit overshadows, often literally, the scrumptious native blackberries that ripen slightly before most of the blueberry crop. It’s not unusual to find blackberries growing amongst the cultivated blueberry bushes, unless fastidious growers have culled them out to protect their customers and […]

Green Allies in the Garden

How sweet to enter my new garden, beautifully designed by my husband, to find my favorite green allies and native New Garden at Flying Cactus friends waiting for me in group right in the center of the growing space. We had mulched heavily at the beginning of the winter in hopes of smothering some of […]

Uses of Partridge Pea

As everything is dry and brown here in north central Florida, I am missing the autumn fields full of partridge pea (Chamaecrista fasciculata) blossoms—bright yellow flowers on extensive branches of fernlike leaves. When a plant is abundant, I always wonder if it is native, and if it is, I know there must be uses for […]

Growing St. John’s Wort in Florida

The title for this post is a false statement because really you can’t grow St. John’s wort Florida, although many of its cousins flourish here. Hypericum perforatum, the namesake of the Hypericaceae family, does not like Florida, although it is rated in most plant guides as suitable for this climate. Hypericum perforatum in pot. For […]