Botanical Books of Interest to Herbalists

A couple of interesting books have come my way, and so I am sharing some thoughts. The Plant Lover’s Companion First, The Plant Lovers Companion: Plants, People, & Places by Julia BrittainĀ  (David & Charles, 2006; $14.99). (Note that this book seems to have been published under two slightly different titles: actually the title and […]

Wild Fermentation

What a delight to spend an evening with Sandor Katz, and to hear all about his latest methods of fermenting foods. His 2003 book, Wild Fermentation, is a well-worn reference on my cookbook shelves, and I was so excited to actually have the opportunity to hear him talk. His seminar drew a large audience for […]

Spring Edible Plants

What a lovely walk Max and I had today! A little warm for early April, but there was a pleasant breeze and a clear blue sky. Lots of birds and butterflies. And plenty of snacks. Tasty asparagus tips (the leading ends of Smilax spp), delicious lavender dayflowers (Tradescantia ohiensis), and lemony sour wild sorrel leaves […]

Green Allies in the Garden

How sweet to enter my new garden, beautifully designed by my husband, to find my favorite green allies and native New Garden at Flying Cactus friends waiting for me in group right in the center of the growing space. We had mulched heavily at the beginning of the winter in hopes of smothering some of […]